Gender Role Beliefs?

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Are you aware of the Gender Role Beliefs in your family?  As research below describes, these beliefs within our families are passed down to children at a very early age.  For instance, I  recall one of my experiences growing up on our beautiful dairy farm in old-fashioned times.  Specifically, my mother, (one of 11 children) talked of the girls eating  after the men and boys.  This was because the men did the real work in the barn and in the fields. Certainly, these messages were passed down.  Consequently, I have seen much change.   

What messages about Gender Role Beliefs did you get?       

 One of our first roles that we are labeled is female or male; a son or daughter.   Examples of differences in gender role beliefs can be seen in the care and socialization of children.    

2013 Studies done by National Center for Biotechnology report the following.  

  • First, as early as 18 and 24 months  most children can label gender groups and use gender labels in their speech.. 
  • Secondly, collective studies suggest more subtle awareness of inequalities may not emerge until later in elementary school. 

A 2019 study done by Frontiers in Behavioral Science identified empathy gender differences.  

Gender differences were in the expected direction, as girls felt more rewarded by kind interactions and this increased with age, whereas enjoying being cruel to others was stable for boys and decreased for girls with age

Below is outlined two historical contrasts between males and females which give perspective from a time not too long ago.    

The first example is the right to vote.  Specifically, the 1918 Representation of the People Act gave women over 30 in Britain and Ireland the right to vote  as long as they were either owners of property, or married to owners of property.  Additionally, American women won the vote on August 26, 1920 with the passage of the 19th Amendment. 

And secondly, on May 4, 1987, the US Supreme Court ruled that Rotary Clubs could no longer exclude women on the basis of gender.

Do you know you Gender Role Beliefs? 

There is not a right and wrong.  Rather, there is only what feels comfortable and good for you.   Do you follow your family traditions on being female or male?  Do you feel like you fit in?  

And now, the 5 R’s Practice is outlined for you to gain a deeper understanding of Beliefs around your role as a man or woman. 

  1. Reflection—is there an interaction that causes you reflect on how you may be playing out your role as a woman or man?   I reflect sometimes in my interactions with my husband.  I notice, and therefore make adjustments when I realize I am honoring his work more than mine. 
  2. Research—how did you learn the role of being female or male?  I learned early on about the status of men.  I have deep love and respect for my father and mother who worked very hard to provide for us.  As a girl, I helped on the farm by feeding calves, throwing hay bales and shoveling cow manure.  The men did the milking and drove the heavy equipment.  That was not allowed for girls.  Everyone receives a very specific training program of being male or female based on the particular times and values of their parents and/or caregivers. 
  3. Recycle—what part of being female or male did you learn at a young age that worked well then but due to your new growth and new experiences and do not now?  I greatly appreciate my experiences of growing up on that beautiful farm with old fashioned ways.  Now it is certainly important to me to recycle some of those learned beliefs, behaviors and boundaries.  
  4. Rewrite—what does it mean to you to be female or male?
  5. Rehearse—when or where will you rehearse in order to feel comfortable in your experience of  being female or male?   

Please share your Comments:

What is your:

  1. Reflection;
  2. Research;
  3. Recycle;
  4. Rewrite;
  5. And where do you Rehearse?

You will join the community of people being connected to their true Gender Role Beliefs.  Thank you so much for sharing because the Your Perspective Matters.  BAM–Beliefs are Magical! 





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